Lucia Volentieri

Lucia Volentieri I was born in Poggibonsi (Siena) in 1965 and graduated from art school in 1985, in the Ceramics section of the “Duccio di Buoninsegna” Institute of Art in Siena. I attended the set design section of the “Accademia di Belle arti” [Academy of Fine Arts] in Florence in 1986-87 and this short but very intense period of study helped me realise that what I was really interested in was creating ceramics.
In 1987 I was offered an apprenticeship by the master craftsman Giuseppe Fontana, in Castellina in Chianti, and I spent a year working under him.
In 1989 I opened my own workshop in Poggibonsi and in that same year I spent a month in Gijón (Spain), at the school of “Texture” ceramics, where I enriched my training and learned the technique of Raku. With this technique I experimented with rough and metallic surfaces on refractory mixtures. Often, thanks to memories of playful moments spent in my father’s mechanical workshop during my teens, I combine structures made of iron, steel and brass with ceramic elements.
I continued my research, attending the courses and seminars of important master craftsmen like Tim Andrews, Alvaro Baragli, Giovanni Cimatti and Stephen Roach.
I’ve always loved nature and the wonderful Tuscan countryside. In 1992 I transferred my workshop to Castellina in Chianti. I spent several years working there, mainly creating tableware with delicate under-glaze decoration, continuing with the evolution of my “Modular Landscape”, an idea conceived way back in 1983. At the same time, I continued experimenting with a wide variety of techniques and studying forms and shapes.
In 2002-2003 I taught professional design in the Ceramics section of the “Duccio di Buoninsegna” State Institute of Art in Siena. In May 2007, this same Institute awarded me the “Premio Duccio” prize as recognition for having transformed my passion for and studies carried out in the field of ceramics into a profession.
In 2008 I was invited to Japan for a personal show at the studio of the artist Takahiro Yoshino. Over the past two years, I have devoted increasing attention and creative space to porcelain and the use of high temperatures.
I live and work in Castellina in Chianti.

Exhibitions and Events

Ceramic and Metal
exposure Lucia Willingly and Marc Adons - 17 - 19 December 2010
Ursulakapel - Sint - Ursulastraat - Tongeren

Takahiro Yoshino Artist Exchange Project Vol.1 Present:
Gladly Lucia - Landscape Modular 25 October to 5 November 2008
2585 ​​- 116 Ooishi Fujikawaguchiko-Machi Minamitsuru-Gun Yamanashi-ken Japan

XV Exhibition of Ceramics
Mediterranean award
International Centre for social and cultural studies in the ceramic.
Cava dei Tirreni

Gallery "The Gallery" - Lineart
International Art Fair
Gent - Belgium

Fragments Harmonies Asides
The pleasure of doing between ethics and aesthetics
Rocca center of Castellina in Chianti

The Art Beyond the Hedge
Villa "La Verucola"
Staggia Siena (SI)

Gallery "The Gallery"
Hossegor - France

1960-1992 Ceramics Art Institute of Siena

Artistic sensations
Medieval fortress
Castellina in Chianti (SI)

Italy Award for visual arts
Certaldo (FI)

Verifica90 - Travelling Exhibition
Trent - Montalbano Elicona - Marino

Crafts copyright
Salt Warehouses (SI)

Third Biennial Montecatini (PT)